Quick Scene Setup

To set up a new scene for the Mech Combat Kit:

  1. Drag the SceneObjects prefab into the scene

  2. (Delete the default camera) and drag the VehicleCamera_MCK prefab into the scene

  3. Drag the Player_InputSystem_MCK prefab into the scene

  4. Drag the Mech_Titan prefab into the scene

  5. Go to the Player_InputSystem_MCK object you just added to the scene, open the Game Agent component in the inspector, and set the 'Starting Vehicle' to the Mech_Titan object you added to the scene.

  6. Add a cube (GameObject > 3D Object > Cube from the top menu), set its layer to 'Water', scale it out to make enough space for the mech to walk around, and position it under the mech's feet.

Now when you play the scene, you'll be able to walk around and operate the mech.

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