Vehicle Framework

If you just want to get started, you can skip this section and come back later for reference if necessary. You don't need to understand the vehicle framework to begin building vehicles for your game.

All of the vehicle combat kits operate on a simple design framework that makes it easy to add different vehicles to your game, control them, add functionality/upgrades to vehicles in the editor or during gameplay, and much more.

This design framework consists of four key elements:

  • Game Agents - player or AI

  • Vehicles - represent an object controlled by the player or AI

  • Module Managers - a base class for vehicle systems such as radar, weapon control, health etc that can be modified with modules

  • Modules - items that can be dynamically loaded onto a vehicle to modify its capabilities, such as different weapons, shield generators, etc.

This provides a strong foundation for any kind of combat vehicle.

When a Game Agent (player or AI) enters a vehicle, input scripts on the Game Agent will typically connect to the vehicle systems (module managers) to control the vehicle's core capabilities, while modules will modify or add to what these systems are capable of.

The following sections provide more detail on each of the elements that make up the vehicle framework.

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