Module/Vehicle Resource Usage

Sometimes, you have a resource user on a module (such as an energy weapon that uses power) that you want to connect with a resource container on a vehicle (such as the vehicle's powerplant). This is achieved using to components, the Resource Container Interfacer, and the Resource Container Linker.

Vehicle Setup

  1. Add a Resource Container Linker component to the root transform of your vehicle

  2. Add resource types you want to link for to the Specified Resource Types list

Module Setup

  1. Add a Resource Container Interfacer to the root transform of the module

  2. Set the Resource Type in the inspector

  3. For all the resource handlers on the module (e.g. on the Weapon component) drag the Resource Container Interfacer you added above into the Resource Container field

Now the resource handlers will use the interfacer as the resource container, which will connect to an actual resource container on the vehicle.

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