Health UI

Health Bars

To help you display vehicle health information on the HUD or other UI, the Health Fill Bar Controller has been provided.

To set it up:

  1. Add a Health Fill Bar Controller somewhere on your vehicle

  2. Open the inspector and drag the vehicle's Health component into the Health field

  3. Create an Image using Unity's UI for the health bar, add a sprite (you can use the Square_Bounds sprite provided in the kit) and set the Image Type to Filled. You may also want to set the Fill Method to Horizontal.

  4. Drag the image into the Bar Fill field in the inspector of the Health Fill Bar Controller component.

  5. Leave the Health Type empty to show all health, or set a specific health type to show.

Now the image will show a fill amount proportional to the amount of full health remaining on the vehicle.

Hit Screen Effect

When the vehicle takes damage, you may want to show a full screen hit effect like many games do, with a blurry red outline around the edge of the screen or something similar. The Hit Effect Image Controller enables you to easily set this up.

To set this up:

  1. Add a Hit Effect Image Controller to the root transform of the vehicle

  2. Create a full screen image somewhere on the Vehicle's HUD

  3. Open the inspector of the Hit Effect Image Controller and set the Hit Effect Image to the image you added in Step 2.

  4. Customize the rest of the values in the inspector

Now, when any Damageable on the vehicle takes damage, the image will flash.

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