Vehicle Setup

Setting Up A Vehicle

The vehicle prefabs provided in the kits are already set up as camera targets.

To set up your own vehicle to be followed by the camera, simply add a Camera Target component to its root transform.

Accessing The Following Camera

To access the camera that is currently following the vehicle from the camera target, use the following code:

// Get the following camera
CameraEntity followingCamera = myCameraTarget.CameraEntity;

Setting Up Camera Views

The vehicle prefabs provided in the kits are already set up with Interior (first person) and Exterior (third person) camera views.

To setup a new camera view on your vehicle:

  1. Add a new game object as a child of the vehicle, and position it where you want the camera to be in that camera view.

  2. Add a Camera View Target component to the new game object, and customize the settings in the inspector.

Camera View Types

You may have several different vehicles with different camera views set up, and you want to specify a particular type of camera view (e.g. interior, exterior, side etc).

To do this, you can create a Camera View in your project by right clicking in the Project tab and selecting Create > VSX > Camera View.

You can assign this Camera View to the inspector of any Camera View Target you've set up on your vehicles to specify it as a particular type of camera view.

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