Beam Weapons

To create a projectile weapon:

  1. Create a new game object and call it 'Beam Weapon'

  2. Add a Gun Weapon component

  3. Add a Beam Weapon Unit component

  4. Set the material on the line renderer that has been added

  5. Add a new game object under the beam weapon unit, add a Beam Hit Effect Controller component to it, and drag it into the Hit Effect field in the inspector of the Beam Weapon Unit component. You can add all your particle effects under the hit effect object and they will automatically be turned on and off when the beam hits something.

  6. To make the a pulsed beam weapon, simply check the Is Pulsed checkbox in the inspector of the Beam Weapon Unit component, or leave it unchecked for a constant beam laser weapon.

The beam weapon is now ready to use and can be loaded onto a vehicle as a module.

Check out the beam weapon prefabs to see examples of setting up visual and audio effects.

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