Missile Weapons

Creating A Missile Weapon

To create a missile weapon:

  1. Create a new game object and call it 'Missile Weapon'

  2. Add a Missile Weapon component

  3. Add a Projectile Weapon Unit component

  4. Drag a missile prefab into the Projectile Prefab field in the inspector of the Projectile Weapon Unit component.

The missile weapon is now ready to use and will fire missiles when triggered, and can be loaded onto a vehicle as a module.

Check out the missile weapon prefabs to see examples of setting up visual and audio effects.

Creating Missiles

To create a missile:

  1. Create a new game object and call it 'Missile'

  2. Add a Missile component

  3. Add your meshes and exhaust trails as desired.

The missile is now ready to use, and can be made into a prefab and used in missile weapons.

Missile Swarms

You can create a missile swarm for your game, there is an example implemented in the Mech Combat Kit but it is possible to create with any of the kits.

  1. Create a missile weapon (see steps above) with multiple projectile weapon units (as many as you wish). Make sure they are all added to the Weapon Units list in the inspector of the Missile Weapon component.

  2. Create a missile (see steps above) but instead of using the Missile component, use the Swarm Missile component. Add it to all the missile weapon units you created.

Now, your weapon will spawn a swarm of missiles when fired. Customize the settings on the Swarm Missile component to adjust the look and feel.

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