Improving Radar Performance

The radar system is one of the more performance intensive parts of the kit, especially when there are many targets in the scene at once. Although a lot of work has gone into improving the efficiency of everything, there are some ways you may be able to improve performance depending on your use case.

Group Target Updates

The most performance intensive part of the radar system is when a radar updates its targets.

If you have multiple vehicles in a group, for example an AI fleet or convoy, you can divide the target updates for the members of the group between multiple frames, so that they are not all updating target information every frame.

To setup:

  1. Add a Group Tracker Updater somewhere in the scene

  2. Set the Tracker Updates Per Frame to however many updates you want to occur each frame, with a minimum of 1.

In the inspector, you can add:

  • Tracker components directly

  • Game Agents - their vehicle's Trackers will be added

  • Spawners - the spawned vehicle's Trackers will be added

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