To make it easy for you to add teams or factions to your game, and give them specific attributes, the Team system has been provided.
A Team is a scriptable object that is created and stored in your project's Assets folder.

Creating A Team

To create a new team, right click in the Project tab and select Create > VSX > Team, and rename it to whatever you wish.

Setting A Game Agent's Team

To add a game agent to a specific team, go to the game agent's GameAgent component and drag the team object you created above into the 'Team' field.

Team Hostilities

To keep track of which teams are on the same side or hostile to eachother, you can go to a Team object you've created and add other teams to its 'Hostile Teams' list in the inspector.

Team Colors

To help identify different teams, you can set its color by going to the Team object you've created and setting its 'Default Color' in the inspector. This can then be used, for example, for coloring target boxes to help identify different teams during gameplay.