Vehicle Setup

Setting Up The Vehicle

The vehicle prefabs provided in the kit already have weapons set up.

To set up your own vehicle, follow these steps.

  1. Add a Triggerables Manager component to the root transform

  2. Add a Weapons component to the root transform

  3. Add an Aim Controller component to the root transform

Customize the settings in the inspector.

Setting Up Input

The player prefabs in the kit already have input set up for firing weapons.

To set up your own player, add a PlayerInput_InputSystem_TriggerablesControls script to its hierarchy, if it doesn't exist already.

The AI already has weapons input set up in its Spaceship Attack Behaviour component (for the Space Combat Kit) or the AI Controller (for the Mech Combat Kit).

Adding Weapons To A Vehicle

The kits come with many weapon prefabs you can add to your vehicle. There are a couple of ways you can add these weapons.

Add To Hierarchy

If your weapon has a Module component (as all the provided weapon prefabs do) you can simply drag it onto your vehicle to add it to the hierarchy, and when you play the game you'll be able to fire it.

Add To Module Mount

Check out the Module Mounts section for more info on setting up a module mount.

If you want to create a weapon on the vehicle when the scene starts, drag the weapon prefab into the Default Module Prefabs list in the inspector of a Module Mount component on your vehicle.

When you run the game, the weapon will be created at the module mount, and you can fire it with the weapon controls

In the following sections, we'll go more in depth with the settings on the components you added above.

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