Target Holograms

The target hologram enables you to add a hologram to represent a target, and display its orientation according to how the target is oriented relative to the player's ship.

Vehicle Setup

  1. Add a Target Hologram Controller component anywhere on your vehicle.

  2. In the inspector, set the Target Selector to get the target information from

  3. Customize the rest of the settings in the inspector

Target Setup

For every target that you want to be able to display a hologram for, you must create a hologram prefab and add it to the Trackable component.

Create Hologram Prefab

To create a hologram prefab:

  1. Create a new game object and add a Hologram component

  2. Add meshes

  3. Set the shader for all the mesh materials to the VSX > Hologram Outlined shader

  4. Open the inspector of the Hologram object you added in step 1 and adjust the Bounds to the size of the hologram object.

  5. Drag it into the Project tab to create a prefab

Set Hologram On Target

After creating the hologram, you must now set it on the target's Trackable component:

  1. Open the inspector of the Trackable component on the object you wish to display a target hologram for

  2. Add an element to the Variables list and set it up like so with the hologram prefab you created above:

Remember that the Key value must be the same as the Hologram Prefab Key in the inspector of the Target Hologram Controller you added above.

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