Initial Setup

All the vehicles in the combat kits (ships or mechs) already come with a HUD added. For new vehicles, it's recommended to duplicate the HUD from one of the demo vehicles to use as a starting point. Read on if you'd like to start from scratch anyway.

To begin setting up your vehicle HUD:

  1. Add a HUD Manager component to the root transform of the vehicle.

  2. Customize the settings in the inspector

HUD Activation

By default the HUD is not activated at the start, so that the HUDs of all the vehicles don't appear on the screen at once.

The best way to make sure that only the player vehicle's HUD is activated is to:

  1. Go to the Player object and add a Game State HUD Enabler component

  2. Set all the game states for which you want the HUD to be active

You can also toggle the activation of the HUD on any vehicle by getting a reference to its HUD Manager and using the following code:

// Activate the HUD

// Deactivate the HUD

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