When importing a kit for the first time or updating it to a newer version, always back up your project first!

The Space Combat Kit is in the Template/System category, which means it will overwrite project settings when imported. This is because the demos require certain layers and settings to be added and the kit has dependencies on these Unity packages:

  • Input System

  • Text Mesh Pro

  • Post Processing

If you don't want your project settings to be overwritten, create a new empty project, download the kit from the store, export the base folder as a Unity Package, and import the Unity Package into your existing project.

You may encounter some errors with demo scenes after you do this, because certain project settings are needed for the demos to run properly. To fix these, run the Install Manager (Go to the top menu and click Space Combat Kit > Install Manager and run the installer). This will add the settings required by the demos without modifying your existing ones.

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