Target Holograms
The target hologram enables you to add a hologram to represent a target, and orient it according to how the target is oriented relative to the player's ship.

Setting Up

To begin, add a Target Hologram Controller component anywhere on your vehicle.
In the inspector, you can set the target selector to get the target from, along with many other customization settings.


A target hologram is an object that represents a target, usually with a hologram effect material applied.

Creating A Hologram

To create a new hologram, create a new gameobject, add a 3D mesh that represents the target, and add a Hologram component to it.
Adjust the 'Bounds' in the inspector until the wire box you see in the Scene view is correctly adjusted to the size of the mesh.
Save it as a prefab.

Setting A Hologram On A Target

As you see in the radar documentation, a target has a Trackable component.
To add a hologram to a target, go to the Trackable component, add an entry to the Variables dictionary, set the 'Variable Type' to 'Object' and the 'Object Value' to the hologram prefab.
Make sure the 'Key' is exactly the same as the 'Hologram Prefab Key' in the inspector of the Target Hologram Controller on the player vehicle.
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