Weapon Aiming
Add an AimController component to the root transform of your vehicle. This component requires a Weapons component to be present as well.
The AimController component provides advanced options for customizing the way that weapons aim in your game:
  • Aim assist (where the weapons spawn points snap toward a target when they are within a small angle)
  • Turret control and aiming
  • Cursor aiming (where turrets or weapon spawn points follow the direction of the aiming cursor).
  • Raycast Aiming (where the weapons aim at the surface of any object that the cursor is hovering over)
  • Responsive reticle (where the cursor has a color change (or some other effect)) when the cursor passes over a target.
  • Cursor target selection (where the cursor passing over a target sets the target as the selected target for the weapons).
Last modified 1yr ago
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