Setting Up Targets
To set up a target in your scene, begin by adding a Trackable component to its root transform.
This component comes with lots of settings you can customize in the inspector.

Activating/Deactivating A Target

To activate or deactivate a target in your scene, you can use the following code:
// Activate a Trackable
myTrackable.Activated = true;
// Deactivate a Trackable
myTrackable.Activated = false;

Setting Up Waypoints

To make it easier for you to set up waypoints in your scene, the Trackable component comes with a 'Ignore Tracking Distance' setting. When you uncheck this, a Tracker can track it at any range, enabling you to add waypoints that don't need to be within tracking range to be visible.

Subsystems (Child Trackables)

To make it easier to set up and target subsystems (for example, on a capital ship), you can designate a Trackable object as a child (subsystem) of another one, by assigning it to the 'Child Trackables' list in the inspector of another Trackable component.
To make it easy to select through the subsystems (child trackables) of a target, the Subsystem Target Selector component can be used. This is a target selector that selects through the subsystems of the target that has been selected by another target selector.