Health Types
The Health Type enables both Damageables and Health Modifiers (e.g. weapons) to have specific healing or damage properties.
For example, you can create two Health Types, one for Armor and one for Shields, and then have weapons that deal more damage for Armor and others that deal more damage for Shields.
You can easily create as many Health Types as you like.

Creating A New Health Type

To create a new Health Type, right click in the Project tab and select Create > Health Type.

Setting The Health Type Of A Damageable

To set the health type of a Damageable, set the 'Health Type' in the inspector.

Setting Weapon Damage For Different Health Types

Go to the inspector of the Health Modifier component on the weapon or projectile, and add an entry to the 'Damage Override Values' list, which enables you to override the default damage value for a specific health type.
In the example below, the Health Modifier would reduce the health of all Damageable objects by 100, except if the object had a Health Type of Shield, in which case the damage would only be 50.
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